Visitor’s Book for (Re)constructing Deptford Zine

I would be grateful to hear your feedback on (Re)constructing Deptford Zine if you purchased a copy! What did you think of the zine itself and what are your thoughts on how Deptford is changing?

Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

11 thoughts on “Visitor’s Book for (Re)constructing Deptford Zine”

  1. My copy arrived today Johnathan. It’s nice to hold, with a smooth texture and your introduction is thought-provoking with its invitation to ponder on both the images in the zine and also if/when the reader actually visits Deptford. There’s also a particular interesting aspect for me in your question regarding the interactions between people/communities and the land itself.
    Your poems and images encourage a feeling of thoughtful contemplation and I think this is also enhanced by your chosen colour.
    I like the postcard as well with its velvety feel – nice to handle when I use it as a bookmark.

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    1. I’m glad it arrived safely Catherine. Thanks for your comments, I am very pleased you connected with the communities aspect and how it relates back to the land. I didn’t realise that the postcard could be used as a bookmark, it was more a way to encourage readers to leave feedback, but that is an added bonus!


  2. My copy arrived today Jonathan, thank you. I’ve enjoyed looking through it this evening. Nothing beats a physical book or zine, printed material is so much better to browse through than viewing images on screen.

    I think the introduction & inclusion of poetry work really well. The postcard is fabulous too, it’s propped up on my bookshelf at the moment.
    The composites are beautifully composed, they’re intricate & intriguing to view. People constantly pass through, old buildings share the same space & talk to us through the poems. There’s a real sense of time passing, how it never stops & how it changes places. I think your work establishes a connection between Deptford & it’s inhabitants.

    Really well done 😊.

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    1. I’m glad it arrived safely Judy! I agree a tangible book, which you can flick through and has a flow is a treat! Thanks for your lovely comments, I like that you ‘got’ the old buildings talking to readers through the poems. I’m pleased you like the postcard too 😊

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  3. Very pleased to receive the zine.
    The production values are excellent and I really enjoy how the surface of the cover and pages feel in the hand, and the paper quality feels excellent.
    The consistency of tonal values and use of colour in the images is excellent, enhancing the effect of the whole as a coherent piece of work.
    The sections of text make one reflect on various aspects of your message, beyond what one might think of at first. Similarly, I thought populating the images with carefully-composited figures focused the observer’s attention on the interaction between local people, developer workers and the physical environment
    I don’t know Deptford very well, but this felt an accurate depiction of its current state of continuing development and how that impacted on those who live there.

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    1. Thanks for your great comments Mark, and I’m glad the zine reached you safely.

      It’s rewarding to hear your feedback on the text and the composite element of the images, as these were aspects I took some time to consider and refine.

      Also, it’s good to see the relationship between different people in Deptford and the place was picked up on.


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